Jun 25, 2014
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Hi, looking to start a save off where players begin as unemployed without having international experience set for their rep to keep it interesting so you cant just walk into a top job. Will be running major European leagues so there will be plenty of teams to choose from once vacancies are free and we can see where our careers take us.

Add me on steam if interested; ID is lesty_21

days/times are flexible around when you can do really, I'm easy. Cant find that username on steam though?
Well annoyingly I work 10 hour days, and have different days off, so I'd have to let you know, but I can do most days after 10pm. I've added you now
bit late that sorry pal, mainly looking for afternoon/evening weekday play (anytime from 4pm-11pm) and then whenever over weekends
not a bad idea, but i wouldnt try this online tbh
looking to get cracking tonight, add me on steam if anyones interested in a long term online save

ID is lesty_21

i would like to play this tournment or other.
i have a question, my fm it isnt original can i play it online? if yes.. please guide me i dont know what i need to do
I would like to participate.Can you please add me?My steam name is EURIPO2000
I want to join your league. Can you add me on Steam: maartenk97. Greets