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Unemployment - Where will it take me ?


Nov 28, 2008
My Career
Newport County - (14th January-Present)

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A simple save starting unemployed and seeing where the journey takes me, No Rules, no Cheating just simply playing football manager.

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As you can see, terrible stats! Gave myself National A licence coaching badge, but who would hire me ? Who knows is the answer but we shall see what the football manager world has in store for me...


Knockback after Knockback after Knockback, I was really starting to wonder if I was going to get a job having had so many interviews but was constantly told "Pleased with interview but not right for job"

14th January 2017

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Delighted to be finally given my chance, Taking on the challenge of a welsh club in England, Will I be here long enough to turn them into a Cardiff or Swansea ? Will be be a success or a failure, who knows time will tell.

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Despite me telling the board I would avoid a relegation battle I firmly saw myself in one and it took me until the last game of the season to ensure survival thanks to a draw from myself and Grimsby & Luton losing!

The most important part of this season here was to stay in the league which I managed, now it is time to rebuild and bring through some youth.

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Brought in 3 18 year olds who have potential and will be played in the first team squad at some point, Cornell the only transfer fee is a good keeper and will provide good competition to Day.

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Trying to build a good bunch of staff is tough at a small club with little budget & not alot of coaching space, Brought in Dwight Yorke as my assistant & we shall see if it works out.

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Nov 28, 2008

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Only 2 defeats in my pre-season against my 'Money Maker' friendly's, Overall the pre-season doesn't give me anything other than fitness and a morale boost oh and also some cash into the club also but nothing too drastic.

Let the season begin....



Nov 28, 2008


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Saturday 5th August 2016

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The opening game of the season couldn't have happened any better,
We managed an amazing 0-3 away win.

Saturday 12th August 2016

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Another good result as we remain undefeated in the opening two games,
Sadly we couldn't give our home fans the win however i'll take the point.

Wednesday 16th August 2016

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First midweek game of the league season and we managed an away draw
and once again remained undefeated in a great start to the league.

Saturday 19th August 2016

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Somehow our home form is dipping a little bit,
However losing to a team predicted to finish 10 places
above us isn't the worst.

Saturday 26th August 2016

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Once again our away form helped us out as we come away with a
0-2 away win our 2nd win of the season, Rigg & Parkin are enjoying
scoring the goals.

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We sit in a playoff position at the end of a fantastic first month,
Hopefully we can continue our fine form and beat the odds.


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EFL Cup 1st Round

Tuesday 8th August 2016

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Sadly we couldn't cause an upset and get a nice cup run, We put in a poor performance to our League one hosts and Compton saw red as the frustration gotten to him.


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Checkatrade Trophy Group L

Newport County
Northampton Town
Southampton U23's

Tuesday 29th August 2016

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Not a great result again as we lose heavily to Portsmouth, We brought ourselves back into the game immediately as two goals where scored in 6 minutes but Portsmouth just upped their performance and brushed us aside, Northampton were swept aside but one of the best youth academy's in the country.


Nov 28, 2008
September 2016
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Saturday 2nd September 2016

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Dominated the match and should have won by a lot more
however we will take 3 points any day no matter how it's won.

Saturday 9th September 2016

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An absolute drubbing here with no excuses, Stevenage aren't even flying high so
have no idea what went wrong here as we had majority of possession but it just
wasn't our day today, I suppose you can have them.

Saturday 16th September 2016

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A massive game as we needed a positive response from last week, and we delivered
sending our fans home happy! 18 year old RJ bagged his first goals giving us the win.

Saturday 23rd September 2016

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Beginning to wonder if complacency is becoming an issue here, As we sit higher up the table the teams struggling seem to be beating us, Compston continues his fine form bagging a double but it's not good enough simple as that.

Wednesday 27th September 2016

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This was a terrific performance as we looked to be heading for another defeat going 2-0 down, Thankfully Parkin came back into the squad and pulled two goals back before we scored a late winner to grab us the 3 points.

Saturday 30th September 2016

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No shocks or surprises here as the top of the table team beat us, We battled hard and cannot be too disgruntled by the result as we remain in good spirits going into a new month.

League Table

Top 8

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We remain out of the top 8 in the table as Colchester remain 5 points clear of 8th place in the league as there isn't much between any team in this part of the table.

Middle 8

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We sit proudly in the middle part of the table at the moment, We are 4 points clear of Blackpool in 16th, 7 Clear of our predicted finish of 20th, 10 Clear of a relegation place & 6 behind the league leaders.

If you gave me this at the beginning of the season I would have bit your hand of so at this moment in time (still early in the season) I am delighted to the start we have made.

Bottom 8

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Things can change so quickly however hopefully we can remain out of this part of the table, At present Gateshead look likely to go down. We remain 10 points clear and hopefully we can stay away from this relegation battle the whole season!
October fixtures

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Hopefully we can put in a good performance against Southampton, Carlisle will be a tricky match & I want at least 7 points from the final 3 games of the month.


Nov 28, 2008
October 2016

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League Matches

Saturday 7th October 2016

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A game of two halves here, First half we were brilliant but towards the end rode our luck, Thankfully we managed to hold out and grab a huge victory.

Saturday 14th October 2016

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A fantastic start & end to this match, 27 seconds on the clock we went ahead, Both strikers out injured in came John-Lewis who bagged the opener, Young price grabbed his first of the season as we lead at half time. Looked like a typical jekyll & hyde performance as Morecambe came back into the came however we increased our levels and bagged another couple.

Saturday 21st October 2016

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John-Lewis determined to stay in the squad as he bags another goal, A narrow victory here today but so far we have achieved 9 points in the league this month which is tremendous!

Saturday 28th October 2016

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John-Lewis has once again continued his scoring streak as he bags a brace to make that 4 goals in 3 games to ensure his spot in the starting line up, A comfortable victory for the away side as we finish the month with a 100% league record.

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Was taking 7 points in the league so 100% record & 12 points is fantastic and a great run of form, long may it continue!

League Table

Top 8
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WOW! To see us up there in 2ND place is amazing! Only two points off top of the table and 18 away from relegation is sublime. Our target was to avoid a relegation battle and we are up there fighting for promotion however we are aware it can change so quickly and will not get carried away with ourselves.

Middle 8

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Bottom 8

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Wednesday 3rd October 2016

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Sadly we couldn't hold out against Southampton who had, Mccarthy, Davis & Sims in their squad. We go out of the competition with 1 game spare although disappointed not to have beaten an U23 side regardless of who they are!

FA Cup Draw - 1st Round

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Home tie against League One opposition, They currently sit 23rd so hopefully we can cause a slight upset and progress next month.Would be nice to get a small cup run and face a big club.

Unexpected transfer news

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It was brought to my attention Darren Bent was available on a free, I chanced my arm and approached the 'Journeyman'
After a couple of negotiations terms where agreed & Bent joins the club to help bolster the strike force with Injuries happening.

Delighted with this season surely can bag a load of goals in League One!
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Quality month of results mate and a great signing in Darren Bent!


Nov 28, 2008

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Newport County AFC

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League Matches

Saturday 11th November 2016

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A great start to the league this month continuing our fine form, Young Parselle bagged his first for the club as we secured the 3 points.

Saturday 18th November 2016

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A disappointing defeat to Crawley as we finally lose in the league! The game was done before we went down to 10 men which was irritating as it was a pointless red card.

Wednesday 22nd November 2016

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This defeat was horrible as we fall to a 0-2 defeat at home to Blackpool! Simply to put it, it's no good enough.

Saturday 25th November 2016

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Accrington Stanley... EXACTLY! another horrible defeat to end a poor month after the month we had in October! hopefully we can pick ourselves up from this and get some good form in December before the new year.

League Table

Top 8
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From 2nd to 6th in the space of a month, Just shows how quickly the league can change as we move 8 points behind Crewe in first.

Middle 8

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Bottom 8

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Disappointed that we won't get any sort of cup run, League one opponents brush us aside despite their poor form in the league we couldn't put any pressure on them.

Checkatrade Trophy
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Dreadful competition for us as we fail to win a game! Changed it up and played a reserve team here but was still poor!

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Nov 28, 2008

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December League Matches
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Saturday 9th December 2016

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Saturday 16th December 2016

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Saturday 23rd December 2016

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Tuesday 26th December 2016

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Saturday 30th December 2016

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A mixed month for us as we lose 2 games which really we should be expecting to lose anyway, Losing to Crewe after pulling it back was gutting but they are top of the league so its understandable. Hopefully we can push on and fight for a playoff place at least this season which would be remarkable!

January League Matches
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Monday 1st January 2017

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Saturday 6th January 2017

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Saturday 13th January 2017

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Saturday 20th January 2017

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Saturday 27th January 2017

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A terrible month in the new year as we only pick up 4 points! Starting to wonder if teams are figuring us out now and we need to mix it up.
League Table @ End of January


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We occupy 7th place at the moment and are starting to fall behind the top 4 slowly but surely as they begin to dominate, Hopefully we can stay pushing up the top half of the table and even get a playoff somehow which would be a fantastic achievement for the club.


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Nov 28, 2008


Nov 28, 2008
March 2018

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March League Games

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A different mixture of results as we remain in 6th place in the league with only 2 months to go.

April Matches

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A great results over Rochdale as we pulled off a couple of good wins at the end of the month, Unfortunately it was not enough to keep is in the promotion spaces as we head into the final game of the season.

Final Match of the Season

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A disappointing end to a great season! Overall I cannot complain too much as we finish in 10th place, 10 places above our predicted outcome. I am gutted as we remained in the top 8 of the table for majority of the season however we have gave ourselves a platform to build and improve on next season.

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Player of the year



Nov 28, 2008
Season 2

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Done what I could in the transfer window, Not sure how these signings will turn out but hopefully they're a success

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Pre- Season 2018

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Results don't matter here just a way to make money.