Jan 15, 2009
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Sometimes when I place youth players on a training schedule my staff tell me the current workload is too much for them, any ideas how to just change their workload not the whole schedule for the position? Or do I have to make a new schedule for them? Any help appreciated :)
You'll have to make a new schedule.

Only the highest Work Rate and Determined teenagers can deal with a full time schedule.

I believe the consensus here is that for youth, you need to keep their training around medium workload with an emphasis on physical attributes.
also, don't have your 'tactics' training very high for youths. Tactics are usually mental stats which mainly grow with age.

Better to focus on more technical areas of training instead.
or you can have a private chat with the player, go into "development" section and training level and press one of the options:

- "you need to step up your level of training..."
- "you need to show improvments in training..."

If the player says, I must admit I have not been good enough, the unhappyness in trainging will probably disapear. This you should also check regularly on your first team players, they should all have "pleased with training schedule", so if you see, unhappy with training, content with training or happy with training you need to press one of those two options.
i get this from 1st team players at 1st i noticed it with my own training so when i started a new game i just used the 1s that are in fm its self yet they all still moan about to much training