UNITED BRITISH LEAGUES - A new 10 tier pyramid.

May 1, 2020
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UNITED BRITISH LEAGUES - A 10 Tier Pyramid for the UK And Ireland

Have you ever wondered what a united British league structure would look like ?
If yes, then look no further over the last couple of days i have updated one of the best databases from the steam workshop for FM22 to work on FM23.

LEAGUES OVERVIEW (click on the images to view more in depth if you'd like)

Tier 1.png
Q. What's Included in the screenshots?

A. A basic pyramid of the league systems
screenshots of the league's all the way down to the first regional leagues.

Q. Are there under 18 and under 23 leagues ?
A Yes they are a mirror of every tier of the senior level at the start and then operate separately once the first game is played.

Q. What's the prize money like and tv money?
A. High in the professional leagues, I wanted it to be true to the nature of such an expansive professional league system, it's just personal preference. Even in the 10th tier £5000 is allocated to each team for tv money which goes all the way up to £90,000,000 to each team in the Super League (this is without any additional individual income). Let's put it this way, the higher the league the crazier the money gets from minimal to world class crazy money for positioning.

Q. How was team placement worked out?
A. Reputation, allllll reputation, i know it doesn't necessarily seem fair to the rest of the countries club teams but i simply worked it out on reputation some teams will fly up the leagues and some down. Over time they will level out and become more competitive, sort of like what has happened to the football league in England.

Q. Are there any cups?
A. yes here is a list of them and their functions.

  • United British Cup (FA CUP in which all teams from the pyramid all enter at the first round to spice up the structure of FA CUPS)
  • United British League Cup- (League Cup where all teams from the 'National Championship 2' and up compete in.
  • British Prime Cup (League Cup for the North/South Prime division teams)
  • British Challenge Cup (League cup for the 'Challenge Leagues 1 and 2/ National championships 1 and 2' think of this one as a bit similar to the level of the papa johns trophy but in a cup format and without the u23 premier league teams.
  • British Super Cup (Similar to the community shield, the winner of the United British Cup and the British Super league play each other at the start of every season)
  • Regional cups for each of the national regional prime leagues ( English Regional Cup, Scottish Regional Cup etc)

Q. Why does England have an extra regional tier?
A. Reputation, the country simply has so many teams with over 1000 reputation i had to add another tier, technically this means a team with 700 reputation could be in a higher tier but it adds more journeyman material.

Q.what happened the the nation selection screen?
A. Scotland/wales/the two Irelands have all been grayed out on the 'add playable nations' screen due to the deletion of all of their leagues.

Q. What will happen to the countries players after time
A. There shouldn't be a massive issue with the likes of Wales not having talent produced for them due to the way I have set up all the teams to still have a based nation of their own nation.


Download the zip folder from the link provided and you will recieve a folder named 'England' an editor file and a read me. The read me has the correct installation instructions if you don't want to read them here.

1. Drop the folder named england into your FM23 Graphics folder under the path C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023

2. And drop the file named - United British leagues into your editor data folder under the path C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023.

To load the database in game you need to select it in the editor files while starting a new game, once you're in game select as many or little amount of the leagues you would like.

In the in game preferences you want to make sure that you tick the options 'reload skin when confirming changes' and untick 'use caching to decrease page loading times' to get the graphics

to show.

(i know including the ROI in this database might frustrate some people, but I did it out of the pure fun aspect. Imagine it as a north European expansion league, it's a chance to have fun with lot's of teams).


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for anyone interested there is an in-depth changelog here for all the changes i've made over the months to get to this point. If you like analysing things then you will love looking through all the things i've fixed and added :D.


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I played a season of this with Celtic (and won the league and cup double, getting Pep and Klopp sacked in the process!) and really enjoyed it. Celtic going from having a 2.5m transfer budget to a 75m one when the board realised the amount of revenue being created.

Couple of notes:

1. Insane number of games. 46 league games, 2 cup competitons and the CL. My players were tired from November onwards and that was with rest. My opinion - 18 team leagues. This was made my worse by the bullshit Qatar WC

2. Specific to the non-English clubs - the homegrown requirement for the CL needs thought. I signed a couple of players like Josh Doig (Scottish international playing in Italy), assuming he would be homegrown for Celtic in season 2 in the CL. He was, in fact, regarded as a foreign, assuming because the British league is technically just the English league.

Other than that, very fun. well done!