Unofficial League Championship Challenge Thread


Jul 9, 2010
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The Unofficial Football League Championship

It is exactly what it says it is. An unofficial championship based on the rules of professional boxing: You beat the champion, you become the champion.

The first proper league champion was Preston North End in 1888-89, who went through the entire season undefeated. They then became the unofficial champion.
The next team to beat them - Aston Villa in the 1889-90 season - then became the unofficial league champion

At present (at the end of the 2012-13 English Premier League) Tottenham Hotspur hold the English Championship after beating Manchester City 3-1 in April and holding it until the end of the season.

Your challenge is this:

Create a new game in England, and pick any team you want except Tottenham. From the moment you kickoff against Tottenham in a league match, the challenge is on. Should you beat Tottenham, you become the unofficial champion, should you draw or loose, Tottenham retain the title.

Every win as the champion (or challenger) scores you one point. Every draw scores you zero points.
If you loose the title, you'll need to keep track as it moves around the league, hopefully, you'll get a match against the champion and can win it back. This is the risk of losing.

Make a post with the date of your first league game against Tottenham. It is then up to you to attempt to hold onto the title as long as you can. Then post end of season updates (with proof if possible) to show your results. List where you lost and regained the title and number of points earned.

I'll keep a table going of the results for the forum. Remember, the challenge doesn't start until your first game with Tottenham (so everyone has an equal starting point).

Any questions or feedback would be welcomed, hopefully you give it a try.


Swansea vs Tottenham 3rd November 2012 (Result TBC - just started myself)
What about cup competitions? i.e. Bayern won Champo League, Arsenal beat Bayern, Bradford beat Arsenal
Let's give this a shot
I'm going to be WBA
WBA vs Spurs 25th August 2012
Also what happens if the Title Holder gets relegated with the Title?