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Unrealistic.....well everything


Mar 20, 2020
Life long champ manager/fm player.
Finally had enough and decided to post.
All previous versions have been enjoyable...I'd have to say im getting to the point now where im not enjoying this game. The natural player ability and tactical understanding is just gone.

How it is a better engine when you can have world class players, playing in their favourite role and still run around like a headless donkey with 2 left feet.
A player at that level, in the previous versions, with no other instructions would do exactly what was expected of him 7/8 of 10 every game. The new versions...complete tard.
Defenders who can't mark yet have marking attribute of 17.
Forwards who hit the corner flag when worth 100m. Useless.
Team tactic with nothing but basic instruction, playing like a park team.

Get to the lower league, well makes counter attacking football almost impossible. They just take it as don't move and misplace every pass.
Im moving back to the old versions. Reckon there is a few out there who feel the same so thought I'd have a rant.