Unstoppable Force - Won Everything on the First Season


May 5, 2010

Unstoppable Force


Won everything in the first season with Arsenal, including the Champions League with a great 6-3 victory in the final against Barcelona. Dominated almost every match, scoring lots of goals and conceding very little.

This tactic got me to a streak of 28 games without a loss, 20 wins and 13 games without conceding.


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Goalkeeper, centrebacks and DMC should have good passing skills.

Fullbacks and wingers need to be bit pacey.

Left fullback and left winger should be left-footed or have at least Fairly Strong rating on the left foot.
Right fullback and right winger should be right-footed or have at least Strong rating on the right foot.

The midfielders need to have good passing skills, as well as good workrate and teamwork. Wingers need to be decent crossers and/or finishers too.

The striker needs to be very complete, having good passing skills, anticipation, pace, acceleration, finishing and composure. Doesn't need to be a good with his head, as the crosses will be mostly low. With this tactic Lacazette scored 38 goals and made 19 assists in 53 games!

Team Instructions

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The low tempo and standard mentality ensures that the players don't rush into decisions and take their time to find the best play available.

The slightly narrow shape ensures that the wingers can cut inside if a chance arises and the fullbacks will have space to make a run forward to cross or pass to the edge of the box.

Opposition Instructions

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These instructions are enough against most teams, no need to change anything.

Against world class players or players who make a difference on a small team, you can also close them down or tackle them harder.

You only need to change this in the preseason. Set match preparation to Match Tactics until you get full familiarity and team training to fitness and High on the first two weeks.

Individual Training

GK - Goalkeeper

DC - Ball Playing Defender

DR/DL - Complete Wing Back

DLP - Defensive Midfielder

BBM/CM - Advanced Playmaker

AML/AMR - Winger

ST - Complete Forward


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This tactic is based on the FM16 tactic Wrath! by fm-base user TotalFootballFan9, with modifications to better fit this year's match engine and my personal preferences. Suggestions are welcome!
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Mar 4, 2016
Looks good. One of my fave formations. Will defo try if have no luck with what I'm currently using. Will keep an eye out for more of your results and other people's feed back.


Oct 29, 2013
Not doing great for me so far, using Oxford and the tactics is basically fluid but just keep conceding headers from crosses

I am just promoted to the championship and definitely have the worst team though


Nov 13, 2016
New upload?

Can you upload this tactic again? I can't find it.
It looks great, so I wanna try it. :)

Thanks in advance