URGENT BWM CM Villa Middle or end of the second season 10m +


Mar 17, 2010
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Got roughly around 15million to spend maybe 20 if i use 48 month. Got quite a weak small team in the fact in the middle of the park I have stock, poli, schniderlin, wellington nem, and weiss normally. Desperatly need a BWM got schiderlin (southampton) and andrea poli rotating between that position at the moment. Got el khamdi on the bench covering their spots and delph and gardner in the wings coming in for cup games. But I need someone strong and physical as to help me break up the play. Give me a list of names the obvious ones and the ones that arent as well known.

Appreciate your help!

EDIT: CM is the main position i want. Dont play a CDM in my formation!!!!
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Excuse my terrible grammar and spelling of some players names. Quickly wrote the message out didn't check it before i sent it! Opps!
In order from (imo) best to worst, yann m'vila, moussa sissoko, javi garcia(usually available on loan), yohan cabaye (good player but usually very expensive)
M'villa moved to a top flight prem club and not interested in a move, sissoko coming to the end of his contract praising him loads in the press but he is having none of it. Javi Garcia will have a look at. Personally not a fan of cabaye.

Any other recommendations? If i could buy lucas from liverpool or sandro would they be good options? Doubt ive got the rep to get them but worth a shot.
If you can get Sandro, that would be quite a steal. In addition to what others have mentioned, how about Etienne Capoue? Decent strength, high stamina/natural fitness, and decent jumping as well. Strong mental stats, but technically a bit weak.
What about Simao playing for Shandong? Lucas has been one of my best players at Liverpool, I'd never sell, but if you can get him then do!:) Maybe Cirigliano who plays for River?
None of the options stated above are either willing to come or not what im really looking for. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Primary position must be a CM not a CDM 20 million to spend roughly!
Got mulumbu on loan from spurs with a future fee of 5.75 million may take it out depending on his performance for the rest of the morning.