Urgent help needed for Derby Prem season 4 ST


Mar 17, 2010
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Have loads of money that I am just not really spending at all as im buying cheap regens to come through. Kevin Volland is available for 15m. Got destro, austin, bennett, fierro and 2 regens that can play up front.
Destro and Austin aren't being as good as they have being in previous saves for me so looking to get someone else who can take me to the next level. But my worry with Volland is that he lacks technical ability is this a problem or do his physical and mental stats make him worth the buy for that price?

In other words the question im asking should i buy Volland or not?!
How many strikers play in your formation? If you play a loan striker then you really need someone who is a complete forward, someone like Lukaku, Bony or Benteke. Manolo Gabbiadini can also be good after a few seasons. I don't think Volland would offer you much different to what you already have. You should do ok with the strikers you have, have you thought that it could be the supply? Are they getting chances?

That is the tactic that i use for both home and away just change the settings internally from control (home) to counter (away/bigger teams) Lone striker

Pretty sure its not my supply lines

GK Forster
Rb Corchica/ Clyne
CB Strandberg, Okore, Regen Regen
LB N Taylor/ Rose
DM M'bia, Simao, Regen
CM DLP (S) Hughes
CM AP (S) J Clasie
W Ince Redmond/ Regen 4 star already (IF)
ST Destro
Maupay, Kozak, Helenius and Ferrayra ( spelling)