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USA promotion/relegation, revamped Concacaf CL


Nov 16, 2014
Alright, so this has probably been asked before, but I'm trying to find a database for the U.S. (Canada too) that adds in promotion and relegation, most important. I want a league where money hasn't been affected (so theres no stupid 40 mil prize money for winning the top league) and the CONCACAF champions league has been revamped to either have more teams, OR there is now a Europa league equivalent OR there is now a dual North America/ South America Champions league, which I think would be really cool. Its really important that finances of clubs haven't been jacked up so every team has a 100 mil transfer budget and 5 star facilities, I want it kept pretty realistic to start so I can build up the US into both a domestic powerhouse and the best league in the world. Ive found some leagues like this but the CCL is screwed up or the US league is already the best in the world. Thanks!