Nov 21, 2018
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I have edited a few teams using the editor before starting my save but im not sure i have saved these changes in the right place as i have no option to use them when starting my save.
Any ideas on where/how i should save the editor data for it to be active in the game?
It'll save to the deafult editor data folder in your FM19 folder. the deafult should be fine to use select at game creation.
I Think ive changed the default when i was looking at where to save it.
Do you know what the default folder is called?
When I click Editor 2019 I have alot of sub folders -


But nothing that says editor data?
You should be looking in the my docs/sports interactive/football manager 2019 folder. where you put skins/graphics etc.
Perfect, that's worked.
Been trying to do this for days, Now i can finally actually play the game!
Thanks so much
Editor Help

Hey all, I have messed up, my editor files on local is unable to appear on my fm19 game. If I was to delete everything and restart fm19 and fm19 editor will it be fine? In addition I have made multiple editor file saves on cloud yet I do not know how to access the cloud saves when doing a career. And my local editor files do not appear, I fear I have accidentally saved them in the wrong folder. Any help would be appreciated. IF someone can tell me how to access my cloud editor files that would be great. Regards Lux.