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Using the official editor to create/modify kits


Sep 2, 2018
Hi all,

I have checked as many threads as possible on this issue but cannot find an answer as most are to do with using the in-game editor or creating custom kits, including sponsors' logos, etc.

I've just come back to play this game after a longish absence and have been reminded how much I loathe the Nottingham Forest away kit. I've tried to modify it using the official editor (the one found in Steam tools) but with no luck. The changes show up on team kits in the tactics page, but once the game starts they revert to the original kits.

I've tried deleting the appcache; I've tried un-checking the "Use cached pages" and checking the one underneath, in preferences. No change.

The strange this is, when I did the same for Colwyn Bay, it worked perfectly.

Any help welcome.