Dec 20, 2010
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This is screen of my Van der Vart.

Over a night his stats dropped? why?

I use SK training schedule AttMid. and all of my trainings are 4star +

Please help i dont want him to loose anymore !
How can you support Man United and follow Tottenham?

You're either one or the other.
has he been injured? change training workload, he prob is on high?
I support United.
Follow tottenham (enjoy to watch them,try to watch all the games,think they're a good team).
and i get a ***** when i see pep guardiola and his boys.

explains it all?

hes set on medium,not injured ...
So wait, his long shots rating was 20?

Are you sure you haven't used FMRTE?
Tbh it does look like you have used FMRTE because his stats never get that high
I cant use FMRTE on my computer becouse i cant get that network thing or whatever.
As I said it might be the database im using.
His stats are dropping becasue you editied him incorrectly.

All you have done is change his stats and not his CA, the game is now correcting that as the sum of his stats don't match his CA.
Whatever, United embody most things I dislike about modern football and I'd only step foot in their ground as an away supporter.

Tottenham is the only team for me.
You say the database your using may have edited him...

what database are you using then?
Ok must be the database.

topic finished.

let me check/...

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LFC Marshals FM11 Update
2 games 5 goals haha. Think you should use a different database to be honest mate, by the sounds of it your using a biast Spurs fan database.