Van Persie shooting with power - Good or bad


Jan 14, 2011
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I was wondering if I should tell Van Persie to remove this prefered move. He has blasted the ball straight at the keeper quite a few times when through on goal and its doing my head in. But at the same time he scores goals he definetely wouldnt have if he didnt hit the ball with so much power.

Any one have experiences with him as to which would be best?
Personally, beautiful (in reference to the title).
My assistant usually tells me to ask RVP to stop shooting with power and I do and he agrees. But, usually a couple of months later he fails and is still shooting with power. You could let that be as it is and ask him to place his shots?
it depends, how many is he putting away? Had the same thinking abut Rooney initally but hes scored 40 in 47, and almost half of those wouldnt have been scored had he not hit them so hard.
shooting with power ppm is only useful when player have enough str. i mean more than 14 - 15 in my mind. i dont like players ;shoots with power who has technique and flair(RvP, arshavin type). i told RvP to refrain stop shooting with power and now he doesnt shoots.
Well, shooting with power actually consists of his attributes being good enough to shoot with more power.

Technique, Finishing, Composure and Decisions come to mind, maybe even Long Shots. If these are all above 15+ then he should. And, like what Mike. said, it depends on how many goals he's putting away. So, do so with risk to maybe him scoring less goals than before.
I've ALWAYS wondered this. Its always suggested to by the staff at the beginning of every season, but to be honest I don't see the point. The amount of times he smashes them in from pretty much anywhere on my games is outrageous. Nearly every save I have he's on about a goal a game.