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Apr 5, 2012
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Ok, starting a season with Fc Utd of Manchester, looking for some player recommendations, preferably free players and I have loaded England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Scotland. Especially looking for a goal machine.
I’ve started with FC United as well. I’ve signed a couple of corkers but lost my form after around 15 games unbeaten. I have no only won 2 in another 15.

George Withe MC - free transfer.
Jake Wright ST - Loan from Sheff Utd.
Kyle McFarlane - Loan from Birmingham.
Lewis Hawkins MC - Loan from Hartlepool.
Ryan O’Reilly DC(R) - free transfer.

Got another couple on Loan too but they’re nothing special.
Alexander Luke McQueen

Signed him for free and played left back (full back role), he scored 11 for me in the first season (10/10 PK's). AVG 7.32 for very cheap wages, former Spurs released player.
If you can then get Devarn Green from Tranmere and usually gets loan listed. Has pace to burn although his stats don't look great he can easily bag 30/40 goals per season.
Junior Morais...he is an absolute beast on this game. He currently plays for Peterborough United.
Ruben Bover...Barnet
Lawrie Wilson- Port Vale
Connor Hunt

Josh Dolling
Lewis Knight
Jacob Evans
Christian Hill

Ben Holmes
Owen Wheeler
Corbin Shires
Gary Jones
Reece Hands

Juma Omar

Scott Spencer

James Baillie
Jake Kempton (scored 50 goals for me in his first season). He is available for free. He can be inconsistent, but when on form, there is no one better. I had him score back to back hat-tricks, and then score 4 against chelmsford in the very next game (in the conference south that is). Also Jamie Calvin is very good. But if you want someone that can be good enough for the upper levels as well, try Gold Omotayo and Sameron Dool. Also there is a striker at Gloucester, called Harry Watson or something like that (cant remember), and my scout rated him at 5 stars.

Edit: I just realised that i have given a very late reply. i didnt see the date on the thread and thought it was a new one.....
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