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Various Questions

Jan 22, 2011
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When assigning coaches to aspects of training, is it best to have coaches training in multiple aspects or single aspects?

I have always had them training their best aspect and all aspects have at least a 4 star rating. However, I find that players are not developing and that their progress arrows are all in the red.

I downloaded Tugs Training schedule as this was highly touted but its made no difference at all.

Why can't I score goals? I'm getting double figure shots almost every game, sometimes in the 20's, yet only rarely get more than a couple of shots on goal and quite often don't score at all. My players have high scores for their finishing but it seems they all went to the frank lampard school of shooting and put t over the bar almost every time.

Last time I played FM10 (quite some time ago) I was told to download the latest version to solve the problem. I have version 10.3, which as far as i can tell is the latest version.

Retaining Players
At the moment i'm yoyoing between the premiership and the championship. Last season I picked up some excellent players and managed to develope several others. This season I lost my top 5 players, all requested transfers, and a decent prospect (then lost my best defender when the board intervened and approved a big transfer fee). I'll be promoted again this season but i'll immediately drop again because my players are now nowhere near close to Premiership standards. How do I retain these players? they have as much money as I can give them, all the playing time they want, and we are going to be promoted.

Awe and Complacency
Every team I have ever played with always has - In awe of teams with higher reps, complacency against teams with low reps. Is there actually a way to change this ???