Jul 16, 2012
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The idea behind this tactic came from alot of things, I wanted to dominate the opposition as much as possible on both possession and CCC's so the initial idea was a replication of Barcelona, therefore the 41221 was chosen as the shape.

I then looked at how I could have my striker be the main source of goals, I selected him as target man with run onto ball, this way he would be on the end of most of the crosses etc.

Lastly I had wanted to play man marking and high pressing football however I did not get this working until a brief off topic Q&A with thebetterhalf in another thread xD. Following on from this discussion I decided to mix Zonal marking in my back line with tight man marking in the midfield. This along with pressing allows us to recycle possession effectively. I wish to give TBH the credit for the inspiration and the Idea :D

The tactic:

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Notes: This is an All out Attack tactic, therefore may not work with smaller teams, this will be tested.

The striker has been set to near post on corners, this is an attempt to bump his goal tally and requires a big strong striker with good heading ability, if you do not have one of these feel free to swap with one of your CB's.

Both your striker and your wingers should score alot of goals as can be seen in the below results section

The Training

General Training Balanced High
Match Preparation Att. Movement 30%

The results:

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I did win the domestic treble however my current Catania side is very good therefore I will begin testing an EPL side shortly.

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