Very Leaky Defense -- Help needed for defense tactical settings


Jul 22, 2010
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Hi Guys,

I am currently managing Ipswich Town (4th Season so far and in the EPL)
But I've been struggling with a very leaky defense since being promoted.
In my current season, I've already conceded 31 goals out of 17 matches which is very very poor. Only manage to win matches by the odd goal.


So I would like some help in terms of defensive tactical settings of my defense such as
1) Defenders roles (more crucially, the CB pairing)
2) Marking (man mark or zonal?)
3) Defensive line?
4) Should I use a DM to sit in front of my backline? (I have Hargreaves, Muntari, Gosling and Defour) -- Currently I am playing with 2 CM: 1 as a Centre Mid (Support) and the other as a Ball Winning Midfielder (Support)

here's a screenshot of my current tactic.


and the list of defenders i have at my disposal


trying to forge a partnership between Chris Smalling and Phil Jones (both of whom i hope to keep as a permanent fixture for years to come)

My Fullbacks are weak though but I don't have enough cash to boost that area just as yet.
Although Micah Richards and Onuoha are both transfer listed (believed to be around 1.8m which i can afford) wondering if i should get them.

Thanks for you help tactical gurus! looking forward to your replies!
No wonder you are leaking goals, you have Leandro Grimi :( Set Kyle Naughton as an LB . Play Muntari alongside Steven Defour . Set muntari as MC - Ball winning midfielder - Defend . Caceres is ****, put Gosling in Caceres place !
i tried but im guessing its more than just player selection.. something tactical.