Dec 26, 2010
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Im facing a really annoying problem.. I win almost every game and every player morale is very good or superb... expect Fernando Torres, he's always in very poor morale although it says in his profile that he's happy in the club and he's delighted.. !
I dont know why is this happening.. any answers?
Maybe your not praising his performances often enough, try praising him a few times
You could try and focus on him to score most of your goals
Letting him take penalties etc etc
Morale doesn't always correspond to his feelings towards the club. He can be delighted and happy to stay at Liverpool, but morale is to do with things that are not related to whether he wants to stay at the club or not.

It could be for several reasons that include team talks, press conferences, his relationship towards you, the competition for places as to where he plays, his relationship towards other players etc. etc. You can talk to him and see what is concerns are, otherwise, just praise him and his performances when he does well and don't be too harsh on him during individual team talks.
thanks for the answers.. but I always praise him in press conference, and he's my top goal scorer, and im in his favoured personnel.. so im really messed up right now1!! oO)
Too many forwards? High competition could lower his morale