Veteran player to sign to tutor young players

May 23, 2010
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Hi guys :)

(i apologize if this is already a thread) :/

i am currently barcelona, and have signed kadlec, with bojan as my up and coming strikers.
However i need someone to tutor them, and i was wondering if you knew of any players who are quite cheap yet good enough to pass on valuable knowledge to these players? :)

i have already tried to get henry back from new york, but is there any other good players?

thanks very much :)
try Villa?

klose, toni, shevchenko, nistelrooy, j d tomasson, di vaio, inzaghi and as always for tutoring get beckham
when i try to make villa do it it doesnt allow me :/ but thanks for the other list will definitely try them out :D