Villa's Carew in talks with Stoke

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Aug 23, 2006
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Stoke reveal to the BBC that they have held talks with a view to signing Aston Villa striker John Carew.

i knew he wud leave since they bought bent
Just gonna make a thread on this

prob why they signed darren bent

*Waits for GodCubed to comment on thread*
Would be a good signing for them if he plays regularly; imagine Rory Delap's throw-ins right on Carew's noggin. :O
WBA will be ******. He was set to go to them before Emile's ban and Bent's arrival.

Carew is a super-talented player: big, strong, one of the best aerial threats in the Prem and reasonably quick too. When he's on form, he's nigh unstoppable. When he isn't (which he hasn't been for a long time now) he's anonymous. Also, he's very lazy. Good luck to him though.

John Carew, Carew
He going to score one or two
He turns like the QE2
John Carew, Carew
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I think he will be a good player as they play the two target men tactic.
its what i would call a Stoke city type player i suppose.
good player, shud do well for Stoke
How many target men can one club hold? :O

Could be a very good signing though, for all three parties.