Vincent Kompany's New Club: FC Bleid Challenge


Oct 30, 2012
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Vincent Kompany has recently purchased the football club FC Bleid. It sits 19th out of 19 teams in the Belgian Third Division. Is anyone willing to take them to the top?
As a city season ticket holder since the age of 3 this is a challenge ill definitely be trying, even though I've never tried a lower league team, the lowest I have ever gone is Oldham
I'm doing it right now. This is probably one of the hardest games I've ever played. I was able to get promotion with relative ease, but my finances took a hit. I went into administration as I had to upgrade my stadium. I've been able to pay off most of the debt, but I'm still very weak. I just scraped by in the Belgacom League (D2) without heading into the relegation zone. This season I've added more decent players as my reputation has gone up, but it's still ridiculously hard. I am thinking I'll be near mid-table and hopefully promotion ready next season. Without any profit and with such a low wage budget (Semi-Professional with £6k p/w) it's hard to get good players.
I'M IN THE ******* CHAMPIONS LEAGUE *************