Vujevic tactics for FM 24!

Nice win vs Portugal

Like always UK media saying we are to old and we will do nothing on Euro

In meantime they losing vs Island who have less then 400k population

10 000 fans in our base camp in germany

players will come soon so it is live on tv

so Euro started today for us
In 30 min i go live tonight we will play with some Italian team

seria A or Seria B

Yo, make Lazio great again :) You like to play super underdogs but why not something different? They had so much trouble this season.. I dont see how they are going to manage next year too.. zero players from the academy, only bad signings except perhaps Taty - like his style. Ciro will be gone, Luis Alberto too, Kamada as well.. Forza Lazio
best tactic? I use T6 and it's ok. Were there any updates to T6?
no modern target man is stil best

use this catenacio in last 10 min


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  • Modern Target man V2-by Vujevic FM24 .fmf
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