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Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back! 20.2.4


Nov 4, 2012
If you have mobile strong target man in squad then i preffer to play target man at home.

For away all depends what kind of players I have and what team reputation I have.

My 3 6 1 is best to use for away against big teams but your striker needs to be fast.

If I have two pacey strikers then I will use tactic with advanced forwards.

If i am not sure which tactic works best for me excpecialy in away games the I do test run to be sure.

For example with strasbourg 4 4 2 was working great for away games so I didnt experimented alot.

Key positions are central defender in mid ,midfilders with high work rate and pacey strikers.

On end all depends what kind of team you have.

Menaging underdog is completly different thing then play with strong team.

My aproach is always to not alow oponent to score more then 1 goal against.