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W4NKER's Tactics


Oct 4, 2011
Update: 15/01/14

Test version for patch 14.2.1 on post 236


Update: 07/12/13

4141 v4 for patch 14.1.4

I switch to Counter when:

1) winning by 2+ goals in the second half or
2) winning by 1 goals on 75mins.

On every patch so far this has helped me see out results and more often than not hit teams on the counter attack late in games turning 2-0 leads into 3 or 4 nil wins.

If playing FMC you can change mentality to Counter automatically without the punishment of losing tactic familiarity.

If playing the full game you need to add a second tactic so the players learn the Counter settings too.

Will update the full tactics pack with the same tweaks soon.


View attachment 447182


View attachment 447181


View attachment 447180

View attachment 447183


View attachment 447179

Even if these tactics do not work for you I recommend these two:



Between them and mine you will find something that works for almost every team. If not, you are doing something wrong

Patch 14.1.3 Set-Up

Trying out the new method described later in the thread of using the scout reports and selecting a variation of the 4141v2 to target the oppositions vulnerabilities.

Won the league and Champions League with Ajax as well as 3 leagues and 17 cups in Hong Kong.

Tested first season with Everton. Finished 4th, no signings.

View attachment 452680

View attachment 452681

View attachment 452683

Lost Howard, Lukaku, Jelavic and Baines to injuries in last few months and with a tough fixture list we slipped down right at the end.

Click the second blue Download button and extract/unzip to tactics folder.

The Original Opening Post:

UPDATE 7/11/13 - Using 4141 v2 mostly now since the latest match engine updates.

AND switching to Counter when

1) Winning by one goal or more after 70 minutes
2) Winning by two goals or more after half time.

See Post 117 for an example

At the request of TBH I'm posting my early tactics in this thread to stop cluttering up other threads with questions about my tactics.

So far I've had very good success with two different formations - a deep 442 and a 4141.

The Deep 442
View attachment 463624

A fluid, attacking formation that won me a Prem and Capital One Cup double with Man Utd, losing to Bayern in the CL final as well.

Also won promotion with minnows FC Cape Town in the South African First Division. Was sitting nicely in 5th place mid way through our first season in the Premier Soccer League before I left for another team.
View attachment 463621
View attachment 463619

The 4141

View attachment 463623

Another fluid, attacking formation that focuses overloading the flanks with pacey wingers and athletic complete fullbacks.
With the 4141 I won the Prem, Champions League, FA Cup and Capital One Cup in my second season with Man Utd, with only Ayew (and Ben Davies as backup) the difference from the default Man Utd squad.

In Africa, the 4141 sealed two SA Cup, a Super 8 cup, Prem runners-up and this season a league title and easy passage through the African Champions League (still to finish the ACL campaign).

View attachment 463620
View attachment 463622

[HR][/HR]4141 v2

Just a few changes, nothing major.

View attachment 462326
View attachment 461687

View attachment 461688

Individual Player Roles

Usually they are as uploaded but it is very important to study your individual player roles and attributes.

For example the Ball Winning Midfielder for Man Utd was Felliani. Now his passing and creativity is poor by the leagues standards so I would have him using shorter, less risky passing.

However, for Ajax CT the BWM wasn't very good so I used a player who was a better Box to Box midfielder with good passing and creativity so I changed the role to BBM with more direct, risky passing.

I could use loads of examples but it really is self explanatory:
Don't make players do something they are not good at.

451v4 and 451 Counter = 14.1.4
All others = 14.1.3 or before
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Oct 4, 2011
Key players are probably the wingers. Lots of goals and assists. The left winger of Ajax CT finished top goalscorer with 17 goals and 29 assists (4141)


Dec 7, 2009
I've got Lamela, Townsend and Chadli, Lamela plays from the right, Townsend the left.

Just played my first game, won 2-1 against Saints.

Noticed that Lamela likes to cut in and shoot, so may have to tell him to stop shooting, may help in the sense that instead of cutting in and shooting, he'll cut in and lay it off thus creating more chances. Had the striker offside a lot, both Soldado and Defoe, but that may be because they're poachers, so they're on the shoulder of the last defender, but Soldado bagged himself a goal so can't complain really.


Feb 14, 2008
W4nker I am using your deep 442 with Gosport Borough in the Skrill South and after 34 games I am sitting in 5th place which is amazing on the wage budget I have.

It didn't start that well, but I tried Counter instead of Attacking and it has made a massive difference. One question do you use opps instructions. I have stopped using them and that seems to have also helped. I wonder if that is because my players aren't skillful enough to carry out the instructions.


Aug 4, 2009
If tackling stat is poor tell that player to tackle less
And If my team is struggling to score, what do you say ? I'm playing Lyon, and I have Gomis in the CF slot.

And I'm conceding a lot and I can't keep the lead. If I score in the 20 min, in 22 I concede and the game ends with a draw.

I will post screens at the end of the first half, If i will not be sacked.
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Oct 4, 2011
And If my team is struggling to score, what do you say ? I'm playing Lyon, and I have Gomis in the CF slot.

And I'm conceding a lot and I can't keep the lead. If I score in the 20 min, in 22 I concede and the game ends with a draw.

I will post screens at the end of the first half, If i will not be sacked.
Is CF Gomis' best role? Check your coach reports.

Like I said in the first post the individual player roles need changed based on whatever team you are.

The screenshot of the formation is based purely on the strengths of my Man Utd and Ajax CT first eleven. If we have injuries or suspensions the back up players may perform a different role and duty based on their strengths and weaknesses


Nov 19, 2009
Going to try the 4-1-4-1 tactic with Luton. Currently won all of my friendlies apart from the first one.


Jan 30, 2009
With my current tactic (I made) I'm 10th with Leeds but only 2 points off the play-offs.

Will give this a go and tell you how I get on, I'm 14 games into the season.