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Wages stuck between 2,8k-3,1k


Aug 26, 2016
Hi everyone!
I have a problem, most presumably some kind of bug. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this before, and have any kind of solution.
The problem is that the wages seem to be stuck between 2,8k and 3,1k, as you can see in the screen shot (I understand most of you don't understand Swedish, but the numbers are the same at least). It doesn't matter what kind of contract I'm trying to offer, or what role I want them in, I can't go lower than 2,8k (and not higher than 3,1k, if it's not a key player). That would make them the best paid player in my team.

I think this might only occur for regens, although I'm not 100% sure. It doesn't happen for all regens though, but once it's happened to a player, it doesn't matter how many restarts (or waiting a couple of months) I try, it's still the same. And it's always stuck between the same wage, 2,8-3,1k.

If anyone has any ideas, please write. It's starting to take the fun out of my save. :(

Thank you!

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