Wales, Swansea City & Neath Challenge


Dec 14, 2010
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1) When you join the game select the Wales manager job, the Swansea Manager job is available so Apply for it when the game starts.
International or Professional reputation should get you it.


Wales: Undoubtedly Wales have a lot of promising young talent coming through, Aaron Ramsey, Joe Ledley, Jack Collison etc. Its down to you to make sure Wales fulfils its potential and qualifies for a major tournament, their last was the 1958 World Cup :'(.

Swansea: Get Swansea to the Premier division.

Neath: When Sam Hamman took over as Cardiff Chairman he Suggested Wales leading clubs could use B teams or link up with existing clubs in the League, so they could compete in both leagues.
Sadly after a discussion within the Welsh FA this was rejected, however they have had a change of heart and now Wales leading clubs will now have representation in the Welsh League.
Swansea have Neath as their B Team, while Cardiff have newly promoted (ahem) Barry Town!

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Now that John Toshack is no longer Welsh coach, Ryan Giggs and Danny Gabbidon have decided to come out of retirement and help you.

Swansea already have 2 pretty Physios, Ive added 2 more ^^).

Several of Swansea coaching staff changed, though the replacements arent better they are more famous in Welsh football circles.

No work permits.
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Sounds nice, I would give it a try but I'm too obsessed with my san marino save to start another game 8-|

Though I'd rather use Wrexham as the main team, I'm all for super hard challenges...
shame the only players i got that are welsh are my youth :).
I'm in my 3rd season with swansea. We were championship winners in my first season. 7th in prem for 2nd season and now have a Euro Cup spot. I've have bought the Liberty stadium, the board take out a 24 mil bank loan which gets paid back 161k per month until 2027. After coming 7th in the Prem the board gave me a transfer budget of 30 mil and we are now making a good 2 - 2,5 mil turnover a month. The most expensive player I've bought was 7.5 mil. I still have Ashley Williams and Darren Pratley who are key players, Leon Britton is a backup so is De Vries. I sold Scott Sinclair to Villa for 5 mil after 2nd season. It's my first time managing The Swans! Nice club to manage!
it says this file is not found! is that my fault or has it been removed??
Ive once gotten Swansea into the premier league before and won the league cup with them so I got them into Europa league, I won the Europa league with them and then I finished 6th in the league but I left them for Liverpool and they got relegated :)
Refuse to manage Swansea... Cardiff City all the way!!