Jun 21, 2009
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Liverpool set to announce Aaron McDonald as manager

• King Kenny overlooked by Anfield chiefs
• England legend will take charge tomorrow

guardian.co.uk, Wednesday, 7 June 2010 23.08 BST

Hodgson's sacking "had to happen" says John W. Henry

Liverpool have confirmed the appointment of former England and Birmingham central defender Aaron McDonald on a two-year-contract after the Merseysiders' attempts to bring in 'Pool legend Kenny Dalglish were faulted by the Scotsman's desire to take up a behind-the-scenes role at Melwood.

Liverpool had considered many candidates for the job including former Villarreal and Real Madrid coach Manuel Pellegrini before they decided to swoop for McDonald, who, had been doing some punditry with the BBC recently.

The Birmingham born player turned coach will get straight down to action tomorrow when he starts life at Anfield without former Kop Idol, Fernando Torres.

Meanwhile, as Liverpool await the arrival of their new boss, Stephen Warnock is close to leaving Villa Park for Liverpool after the Reds' board agreed a fee for the left-back, thought to be in the region of £20million
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Cool start, looking forward to seeing what happens next to make this different from other Liverpool stories
8th July 2010 -

I could hear my phone vibrating on the table next to me, I could see it was a beautiful day without opening my eyes, I could smell the stale alchohol and cigarettes laying on my room floor.

I strained to open my eyelids, raising my hand to cover my face as the sunlight blinded me. I slowly but surely pulled myself upright in the bed and rubbed my eyes to wake myself up.

Half a cigarette remained unsmoked in the ashtray, a full glass of whiskey remained undrank beside it. The phone was still vibrating. I ignored it and lifted up the glass, concentrating hard to make sure it reached my lips. The phone continued vibrating...


I was trying my best to shout, as I answered.

"Gaffer?, whats going on? its been over an hour and the lads are getting anxious"

It was Sammy, we'd only met for the first time and exchanged numbers at a press conference yesterday and I was screaming furiously at him.

"Oh! sorry Sam, just held up in traffic, should be there soon" I lied blatantly..

I stubbed the cigarette out on the desk, completely missing the ashtray. I finished the drink and got up. I showered. I shaved. I got dressed. I poured another drink and lit another cigarette.

"They can sit there until I am ready" I thought to myself...

I opened the drawer and I lifted out the bottle. Half empty, as usual. I filled my glass and lay back in my chair, raised my glass and gulped hard. It looked like the light was flickering, it always flickered these days.

I could hear them, hear them whispering as they formed a crowd around my desperately late car. "late, on the first day, who the **** does he think he is" was the politest of comments I caught. I signed a couple of autographs and sped into the car park.

"Gaffer?" asked Sammy..."whats up with you?"...

"just stayed out a bit too late in the celebrations last night, thats all" I replied..

That, im afraid, was a lie. The truth was that I was getting increasingly addicted to alchohol after a late lunge during a League match back in 2004 ended my playing career. I never recovered physically or mentally from it.

I cleared my mind of the past and walked onto the training pitch where the boys had began knocking the ball about.

"Sorry gaffer, they're mine for the day" smiled Sammy Lee..
"You'll be inside finalising the Stephen Warnock transfer and submitting your transfer targets to John"

"Oh, that's right" I replied pulling a scrap sheet of paper out of my back pocket.

"Get on with it then" joked Sammy

I stood there, watching the players chipping the ball around before I turned around and ambled towards the main building.

I sat in my office, slammed down the scrap sheet and lay back. Pretending I couldn't hear the whispers.

My list had 10 players on it. I told the board to forget 9 of them.

"Just make sure you get Charlie Adam" I explained..

"Will do" replied John


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14th August 2010 -

I paced up and down the hallway, I went to wipe the sweat from my forehead. There was nothing there.

I needed to make a statement to the lads...to settle their nerves, after all, it was a Merseyside Derby.
We'd beaten Suduva comfortabley in both legs of our Europa League qualifying but that didn't even compare to a Merseyside Derby.

I threw my weight at the dressing room door and stumbled into the middle of the floor.

My statement was a short one, just a few instructions on players I felt were threatening.


Everton 1 - 1 Liverpool - Stevie Saves The Day

Sylvan Distin (44) - Steven Gerrard (46)

I patted the boys on the back as they re-entered the dressing room. I knew them well now and they knew me.

“This is our season.” I’d said

"I dont think so" replied Sam.
This manager sounds a right prat. No offence.
Good start, very interesting read.
But 20Million for Warnock is stupid