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Want to get the most out of my strikers and AMC as a unit

May 11, 2009
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Hi guys,

I'm Arsenal, 2nd season.

I play 4-4-2 Diamond midfield with my tactic done through classic as I can fine tweak if needed.

AMC set as follows (Nasri/Lucas)

Att +10, Creative Freedom +10, Passing 0 (mixed), Closing down +10, Tackling mixed, Forward runs mix, Run with ball often, Long shots rare, Through ball often, Cross rare and free role.

Strikers (RVP, Balotelli, H Suazo, Walcott)
Have got Lukau and Chamakh loaned out.

Att +10, Creative freedom +8-10, Passing -7, Closing down 1 on -10, the other +10, Tackling mixed, Forward runs often, Run with ball often, Long shots mixed, Through balls mixed and cross rare.

I'm doing o.k. but I find my players can end up going on long barren runs. Can anyone possibly help me get the best out of them?

1st season Arshavin and Nasri were scoring and assisting well as AMC, but had to sell Arshavin (whingeing) and this season the AMC ratings are no where near as good.

If you could post some screen shots of your striking set up, or use the system I have :
+ being number of clicks to the right
- being clicks to the left.

I'd like to see them work better as a unit as the rest of team shouldn't be affected by their set up. I want to see my strikers competing for golden boot in every competition.

Just another thought. Is it worth me creatin tactical templates for when I change strikers to get the best out of them, e.g, different combo's working with different role set ups to keep me from having to change them all the time, or can I get away with one system works for all?

Be really interesting to see what you guys do/suggest.

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