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Sep 15, 2005
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I have added a warning system that will allow the me, Lee and the moderators to keep track of who has broken the rules.

Depending on what rule you break you will be given a certain amount of points. Once this reaches 20 you will be banned for 7 days.

So please don't make us use it.
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emm Sean it's allowing me to use it aswell
Kris said:
emm Sean it's allowing me to use it aswell
Can you warn people or just view the past warnings?
ahh, It's ok just says i dont have permission etc
Okay good. Thanks for letting me know anyway.
awww i tried to warn you Sean but it did nay work!
Sean said:
Yeh it is the Warning Hack V1.5 from vbulletin.org.

Yeah, for the new Rehab forums we have a different type of Warning hack but along the same lines as yours were you can warn the member and once you warn them it then sends them a PM to officially warn them etc. Once the bar reaches it's limit it will then automatically ban them.

Are you adding many more features to the forums?
Yeh there's a few other hacks we're thinking about adding, nothing major though. Mainly cosmetic features for the forum.
Rehab have got a few good ones which are very handy for the Admin Panel. I'd be happy to give you links to them if you are interested.

You guys should also consider doing the personilised Weclome to all guests on the top of the forums. This I think would increase the people registering.
Yeh that would be great, just PM me the links to them all or just post them in here.