People have done it before, and it has turned out well. Best role for him there would be Trequartista
I don't see why not. But, as he has come deep to get ball, I'd guess it's pretty much the same when playing him as striker.
depends who your CFs are, If you have lets give a random example ( Hulk, Saurez, etc) I mean 2 or 3 world class strikers then re train him as a AMF
I think he actually played sort of an AMC role when Ronaldo was still at United. Tevez was upfront, Rooney behind him and Ronaldo to the right and he would cut inside. The three of them would interchange positions however.
I may look into creating a tactic which does exactly that then Tharros, would people be interested in it?
It may be good.. but as like TheHig had said.. it depends on who you had as a striker apart than Rooney, if you have Higuain, Torres, Aguero, Dzeko, etc.. it will be good, but if you just had Berba, i don´t think so..
I've done it before, works well with the right players in front of him.
he does have the ability to play anywhere in the final third, however, I had him as Amc last year and he did well, either Treq or Attacking Mid - Attack
Yeah, why not? he's very good at commin deep to get ball and dats a good thing he'll get involved in both mid field and attack. but u should allow him to do his own thing give him creative freedom and let him hit the long shots. trust me you wont be disappointed. lol
I think (according to the player role calculator) that attacking midfield - attack is his best role/position
Put it this way. He's an AMC in my save, and every time I play against Man Utd, he rips my midfield and defence to shreds. Little sod :'(
He's not bad as an AMC. If you play him behind Hernandez (Poacher) as an Attacking Midefielder, he can get only a few long range goals but quite a lot of assists.
i trained him as an AML (nside forward role) and he's awesome. he managed to get 25 goals and 17 assists the 1st season