Aug 20, 2011
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who won the World Cup 2014 in ur current save ?? just curious. coz, in my save, u wont believe this ... MOROCCO won it ... i mean how the **** ???
I won, england, took over spurs and england at start, welbeck got golden boot, chamberlain young player of tournament, beat the argies 3-2 in final, 87th min winner from danny boy to seal his hat-trick! felt like gettin ****** and pulling sicky next day, then remembered im self employed so aint happening
sesc:1733035 said:
who won the World Cup 2014 in ur current save ?? just curious. coz, in my save, u wont believe this ... MOROCCO won it ... i mean how the **** ???

Morocco are really good in this year's game, I've noticed they've pulled off some big upsets in my saves. wouldn't call them world cup winners though.
Belgium won it in my save, Lukaku was top scorer and Hazard player of the tournament... In WC 2018 they didn't even qualify and Mexico won
Mine has been much less exciting, Spain beating Portugal 3-0 in the final. That said, 2018 was more interesting as Spain went out in the 2nd round to Denmark, and Brendan Rodgers led England to a 2-1 victory over Cameroon in the final.
one more interesting thing....chamakh was the top scorer...:p
England won in one of my saves. But the most interesting thing was Australia was their opposition! Being Australian myself I attended the game, only to watch a very close game come down to the last 5 minutes when a Ryan Shawcross header gave England the 1-0 win. But i still couldn't believe that they got that far! They beat Brazil and Russia both 1-0, and lost 2-1 to South Africa in the group stage (isn't that odd - those 3 nations are the holders of each world cup in this decade!). Brazil finished 3rd in the group disappointingly. In the last 16, Australia beat off a surprisingly attacking Jamaican side 2-1, that finished 2nd in their group. Next up was the mighty France in the quarter finals. It came down to extra time for the Aussies to seal a 92nd minute winner in a 1-0 win! The semi's was where the controversy was. Behind 1-0, Australia won a penalty in the dying seconds to equalise, and then have 2 goals disallowed in extra time (I **** you not!). But they got a winner in the 115th minute from a corner to win the game :) Fairly odd results I guess, especially with Brazil not even making it past the group stage on home soil..
In my save I got Wales to the final. Don't ask about the result though;)
Brazil got it in my latest game. Neymar tore the tournament to pieces, Golden Boot winner, two goals in the final, beating England. I wasn't managing in it, I was helping Wembley move up the leagues. :p
Spain won it in my save, then won the 2016 Euros. All the more satisfying when I knocked them out in the second round of the 2018 WC with my Poland team.
Italy in mine, beating Argentina, Brazil picked up 3rd....
Of all teams, Chile won mine. I looked at the winning team they used and it didn't seem very good, Alexis Sanchez was probably the best player but some other guy I had never heard of scored most of their goals
who won the World Cup 2014 in ur current save ?? just curious. coz, in my save, u wont believe this ... MOROCCO won it ... i mean how the **** ???

Same way Greece won the Euros - good performances, the right tactics and a bit of luck in the draw? It's only unrealistic if they thrashed Brazil, Spain and Italy 4-0 and 5-0 along the way.

Spain won in my save, beating Brazil 3-0 in the final. Pretty predictable.
Not 2014 WC, but the 2018 WC had Qatar in the quarterfinals. Guess I should send some scouts that way and see what is happening.
England won it on mine. Jack Wilshere got the World Player of the year that year as well.
GoMorocco !!!! In mine Morocco went to Semy Final And Loose against Italy 4-3 with Belhanda's Hat trick ......... Italy won the final against ......... Ghana !!!!!
i'm in 2020 and cameroon won the last 2 WC..even eto'o was still playing despite having **** physical attributes