Weak points in my squad? - FC Bayern Munich


May 7, 2013
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I constantly change the lineup






1. Lewandowski
2. Wilshere
3. Müller
4. Kroos
5. Hughes
6. Dante
7. Walker

I bought Jack Wilshere in the last transfer window and he's performed below expectations. I play him as an AMC in the Advanced Playmaker support role. Both wingers and the forward are attacking and do quite well so it didn't make sense to put him in attacking as well. He has an average rating of 7.24 in 12 appearances with only 4 goals and 1 assist.
Hazard any good in the center? I always use him as an AML.
On topic: Very strong team. Only weak point is Lahm and Schweinsteiger's ages :D
Hazard any good in the center? I always use him as an AML.
On topic: Very strong team. Only weak point is Lahm and Schweinsteiger's ages :D

Due to how competitive my squad is, I start another player in the same position immediately after someone has a bad game. If Bale only gets like a 6.8 or something, I put Hazard on the left and someone else in the center. Bale and Hazard are both so good that it seems like a waste to have one of them on the bench. That being said, I try to start Hazard every game so he's usually in the center or on the left.

Yeah they are getting old. I got Kyle Walker to replace Lahm and Will Hughes to replace Schweinsteiger. Hughes turned out really well, his CA is 3.5 and his PA is 4.5.

Any advice on Wilshere? Is it my tactics or do you think its just bad form?
You said you bought him in the last transfer window. He just probably needs time to gel in with the rest of the squad, learn german and so on.
Had the same problem at Bayern wit Lukaku and de Bruyne. 2nd season Lukaku scored almost 30 goals and de Bruyne about 15 ( 1st season 0 goals 1 assist).
you have a good balance players, yes I would get rid of Schweinsteiger whilst you can still get some money for him. I have found after the 13/14 season his stats start to decrease dramatically. what have you won with this team? I use the same formation with my man utd save and I have won everything.
I've won the bundesliga every season, but nothing else. I was in the champions league semi finals once and made it to the quarter finals the other times.
you must seriously be doing something wrong or been so unlucky my friend, you have a great team there, my united save I am in the I am in august of the 15/16 season so just starting my fourth season and I have currently won 3 premier leagues 3 champions leagues, 2 community shields, 3 euro super cups, 3 club world championships, 2 f.a cups 2 league cups as well as from autumn 2014 with England I manage the 20's & u21's as well as the first team I won the u20 world cup and the u21 euros.
Injuries. Its so bad, I'm getting extremely unlucky. I had 4 major injuries and a suspension when I lost in the champions league quarter final, to Napoli no less. Falcao, Kroos, Bale, Jones, and Alaba were all out, and that was before I picked up Lewandowski and Wilshere. That's why I spent a lot of money on depth this season to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Kroos and Walker are out right now so I have Mikel Arteta (got him for like $1 mil) and a 17 year old regen taking their places. I also have Arnold Mvuemba on loan. I feel more confident this season, I went all out to make sure nothing bad would happen.

Man U is doing extremely well, they got Mourinho and he won them 3 premier leagues and 2 champions leagues.

Edit: I got confused there, I made it to the champions league final my first season and i lost to barcelona, i made it to the semi finals my second season, and the quarter finals my third season. third season was the one with the injury problems
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