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Sep 15, 2005
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Blackburn Rovers v Birmingham City (12.45pm) Kick-off changed for live television

Arsenal v Manchester City

Aston Villa v Wigan Athletic

Fulham v Liverpool

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur

Portsmouth v Charlton Athletic (5.15pm) Kick-off changed for live television


Newcastle United v Sunderland (1.30pm) Match moved for live television

Bolton Wanderers v West Bromwich Albion Match moved due to Bolton's UEFA Cup commitments

West Ham United v Middlesbrough Match moved due to Boro's UEFA Cup commitments

Everton v Chelsea (4pm) Match moved for live television
First off, I am dissapointed at the 2 games being shown on TV on saturday. I can see them both being a bit boring.

Man Utd V Spurs Prediction: 2-0 :)
i reckon Spurs will score, 2-1 Utd

The Sunday TV games should be entertaining
Yup, a North-East derby and then the Bottom v Top.

As long as Owen scores for Newcastle I am happy :)
I think we will grind a win out 2-1 to us. I agree with you sean, todays live games will probably be quite boring, man utd vs spurs should have been on :) Chelsea Everton will be good tomorrow :cool:
Manure to win 2-1, Fletcher double
I think we might get beat by Fulham, we have a habbit of playing poorly after a European game.
I also had a feeling we where going to lose, i knew fulham would put on a good perfomance for johnny hayes.. all i have to say is well done fulham we played *****.
Lloyd said:
I agree with you sean, todays live games will probably be quite boring.

I fell asleep during both of them. :zzz:
Thats poor Sean

Give the feckin title to Chelsea now...or Wigan
Ha Ha Wigan. Not long before that bubble burst..or will it??

Would be interesting, Im glad Birmingham are down the bottom :D
I cant believe how good Wigan are doing. But good luck to them hope it lasts for them but dont think it will. a 12-15th place this year for them i think.
Wigan are second in the performance table to you know who.

Anyway I watched the Everton vrs Chelsea game was actually pretty good. Everton done well to hold out for a point but Chelsea never looked that threatening (by their standerds)
They had about 21 shots but only 5 were on target. But then again they do have Drogba ;)
Yeah good result for Everton, and one to celebrate as it means we aint lost ground on them. Mourinho's a **** 'But we won,we scored two goals blah blah blah'. YOU DIDNT IT DID NOT COUNT,THE OFFICIALS DECISIONS ARE FINAL and anyway,even if it was a legit goal,you can see where the linesmans comin from,Gudjohsen could have taken it. Also Everton should have had a pen. :D

Typical inconsistent Boro,good game up north. Elliot's and Emre's goals were sweet as!!!
Useless arsehole linesman.

That ball was no where near over the line. Read ZOO this week or next it will amend it and show the proper table.
yeh the boro OG never went in but seeing as its Boro, ahahahahahhahahahahah

Also Jose (he lets me call him by his first name) what about Terrys hand ball! If anyone watched MOTD 2 they showed you the linesman, he well shat out of making the decision.
Yeh it showed the linesmans reaction on the live match, he looked like a scared little boy.