Week 11

Redders said:
ok, just for reference. Which one?

Brilliant Boro Batter Un... 30/10/2005 05:28 PM Ignored forum rules and your a ***.
Brilliant Boro Batter Un... 30/10/2005 02:02 AM Creating an uneccesary thread.

The second one.:)
The match will be forgotten about in a few months time just like the N.Ireland v England result was, so get over it redders :D
Gregor said:
Kris ur such a glory hunter. You only support Wigan now there doing well.

Whereas im starting to like Man U when there getting **** :D

No im not!!!

Im just a follower of the premiership and it's good that Wigan,Spurs and Charlton are up there.

I also want Bolton Religated!!!!!
I'd love Bolton to get relegated, i doubt it will happen though.

I think the game on saturday was a pretty even match up. We bossed them the whole 1st half. Ledders was a rock! And Dawson is worth the £7.5m we paid Forest for him and Reid on his own! Dawson is amazing at the moment! Its a shame about thier goal but Robbo was at fault there which is a shame as it makes him look like a bad keeper which he isnt.
If only Jenas was a bit quicker getting to that cross we'd have been 2 points the better.
I was hopin Spurs would win,although its two mistakes in two games for Robinson,hope he recovers so Spurs can stay on form.

Good result for Wigan again,although was very harsh on Fulham
Lee said:
Yeh Bates did well for a youngster but Murali was going a bit overboard.

The difference between Clinical and Lethal is pretty big to be honest.... Lethal is where every time you go forward you look like you're going to score whereas clinical just means you take your chances if they come along.

stop waffling...