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Apr 12, 2009
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Has anyone else noticed any strange manager movements on this versions game? Ive reached the 19/20 season on my current save, and here are a few odd ones.

Guardiola: Barca > Bayern > Spain > Barca > Bayern
Klopp: Dortmund > R. Madrid > Gladbach (Despite being at Madrid for 7 months, and sitting 1st by 10 clear points....) > Valencia > Bayern
Mourinho: Madrid > United > Madrid > Sevilla
Benitez: Chelsea > Madrid > Liverpool > Spurs

Anyone else had any odd ones?
Guardiola: Barca > Arsenal > Juventus > Bayern > Tottenham > Bayern > Spain [Currently in March '29]
I've had Jurgen Klopp go from Dortmund to like Sevilla who were almost bottom in Spain, to Gladbach, back to like Valencia, then back to Dortmund..

I've seen A LOT of managers go from being to a number two in the country team like Dortmund to a really bad team in another.
Jurgen Klopp: Dortmund to Germany to Ajax to Stuttgart.
AVB: Tottenham to Deportivo to Sporting to Man City to Villareal
yup.. happens all the time on my save .. all these transfers that dont make sense both managers and players
Tony pulis to arsenal totally conflicting styles of play!
I've seen Man City not hire a manager until 2 seasons after the last one left, then when the one they hired retired a few years later, it took them 4 years to replace him.
I agree that it does seem like there are more manager movements on this year's version than on previous ones. Klopp has got to be one of the worst offenders. Continuously jumps ship from successful teams to mid-table teams for no discernible reason whatsoever.
brendan rogers england manager despite getting fired before the end of he first season from liverpool!
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None stranger than this! Moves from Middlesbrough to close rivals Newcastle where he gets sacked and rewarded with the England job. Finishes 3rd in the World Cup, promptly resigns, and two months later takes the bohemians job who are sitting 10th???? WTF?
AvB Spurs > Inter > Liverpool > Lyon. From 2013-2017.
All he ever won was a PL title with Spurs.

That's the only odd movement I've seen.
Marcelo Bielsa went to Chelsea in my save, I thought that was pretty weird.
Does Klopp ever stay at a club for more than 2 seasons?? He has now left again on my save
José Mourinho resigning at Real Madrid to take the job at FC Porto, quite stupid I think.
I am in 2016 and Klopp has went Dortmund - Barca - Hamburg - Stuttgart

Roy Keane is at Arsenal and Pardew is at Sunderland
Haven't seen any on my current save, but I saw David Moyes as the favourite for the QPR job if Redknapp doesn't sign a new contract...
Longevity seems to be the IN thing in my game. In 2028 Jose is still with Real Madrid, Mancini is still with Man City, Pep has been with Man U for about eight years as has Moyes with Barca.
Benitez: Chelsea > Madrid > Liverpool > Spurs

Anyone else had any odd ones?

Adding to this. after leaving Spurs in 2020, went to Sevila, then back to spurs, then to Athletico Madrid in 2 years...