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Weird Steam Issue


Oct 5, 2016
I've been using steam to play FM for 5-6 years now and I've never had this problem. It seems that My steam account isn't syncing up or properly communicating(for lack of a better word) with my fm. I had had the In game editor enabled for a long time, but after I turned my computer on this morning and went into my save it was missing. When I tried to re-add at by going into 'downloads' it said I needed to 'enable steam community In-game'. I checked everything and it appeared that it should have been fine and all the proper boxes were ticked, so I verified my cache and rebooted my computer to see if that would work.

It didn't, and now I don't have the option to view my cloud and access my saved games. All in all it seems as though my steam files aren't connecting as they should be to the game.

Anyone know what this is?