Weirdest Training Camp Destinations


Sep 6, 2012
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I have just started my first season in the top division and for the first time i have been offered to choose a training camp, obviously i have done this in previous saves but it got me thinking, where is the weirdest country you have been offered or taken as your training camp?
China one year which was strange to me... Then Qatar the year after

Clubs focused on.Asia for some godforsaken reason - .-
Well i was offered England or Scotland and i was a Scottish team lol strange. Anyone got anymore?
I got offered to go to the usual suspects: China, USA, Germany and then:

Canada - Quebec.

I mean - just Quebec? Really?
I was only offered a training camp at the start of my second season in the Premier League. I do not think lower level clubs get training camps. Also I do not think I was giving a choice for location. It was held in Spain. What is the purpose of training camps? Is it to speed up team cohesion?
I had a quatar one, would be funny if anyone has a north korea training camp.
Started a save with rangers and now been liverpool manager for 4 seasons and never get the option?! Wats occuring