Wenger optimistic on title hopes

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Aug 23, 2006
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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the Premier League title race is wide open going into 2011.

Arsenal are probably a Hangeland away from the title.

I doubt Wenger would ever buy him though.
Still think they would do well to win top comps with there current keeper situation.... why dont Wenger just bring in a quality keeper. It is truely beyond me.
I agree with Jack. Think they're a commanding centre half away from being there at the end of the season every year. Maybe a stronger, more commanding goalkeeper but Fabianski is doing well at the moment so maybe it's not as needed as we all thought.
Fabianski has proved himself to be a quality goalkeeper this year, and there's nothing wrong with TV or SS, I think LK might have to wait a year or two to adapt to the league. Signings aren't *desperately* needed, especially when you consider it's Arsenal and if theres a player in the reserves in that position, they're better than a new person.