Wenger speaks of "disappointment"

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Aug 23, 2006
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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has expressed his "huge disappointment" at David Dein's departure from the club.

hasnt really done much with them recently so... ON YOUR BIKE WENGER!
Who else would develop Arsenals team further? Wenger is unmatched in that department! Personally I think they are going through a transistional stage, those young players have learnt a **** of alot - they can only get better with expereince if given the time and first team action.
trav thats a poor arguement, before this season you could have said fergie hasn't done much RECENTLY but overall they've both done great...i know you can't compare the two but losing wenger would be a huge blow for ****. So i hope he leaves, though i hate mourinho more :D
wenger's best at getting good youngsters and turning them into stars so losing him would be tough on arsenal..but personally i hope theystart doing well again and challenge chelski and scumchester again