Oct 27, 2009
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Im heading into my 4th season as West Brom after winning the league cup and the league last year.The board have given me a 17m pound budget and an 825k wage budget.
So that means Im gonna need to strenghten my sqaud for 2 reasons
1 to win the premier league this season(only need to get continental tho)
2 to put up a decent run in the champions league.
Hre is my current sqaud
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The only thing is that diarras contact is expiring on the 30th which will give me an extra 69kp/w and tamas has just been sold.
Now who should I sell
I was thinking tckoyi and olsson as there both 30.Olsson doesnt get regular foot ball and tcokyi is still good but getting old.
Im trying to get aaron lennon for 5m.I was also thinking of selling whittaker if someone is willing to buy.

I would also like to point out that Jordan spence and jack butland are in my reserves.
Im thinking of selling butland everton seem interested and I have no need for him as.With Ochoa,McGregor and Smithies all in the first team and no one wants him for first team loan and I have also bought a promising brazilian regen .But I heard Butland is good should I sell him?
Who should I buy.
I was thinking of getting maybe 1 or 2 wingers(including lennon)
maybe a right back.
And also 1 midfielder as diarra is leaving I was thinking of trying to buy Rodwell.

Any suggestions
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My final deals where
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Mehdi Carcela has developed into an amazing player 4 years into my Udinese game, he's a winger, Ondrej Kusnir is another good one, depends if he has been re-trained in that position though. As for RB I went for Hutton from Spurs.