Apr 15, 2013
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Just started a new game with West Brom.

Got 22m to spend.

I need.

LAM - Max £12m

CM (Attacking) - Max £9m

I got a few targets in mind but wanted to see if anyone here could come up with some decent targets as well.

Signed Victor Andrade for 500k as a ST for the future
CM - Mateo Kovacic can pick him up for 9-10mil and is well worth it.

AML - Adem Ljajic, going to struggle to pick up many better wingers for less than 20mil. If you have more to play with or are willing to use monthly go for Andre Ayew or Draxler.
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I have had a few saves, mainly with English teams so there is a few i would highly recommend:

CM: Leon britton, James Mccarthy, sergio canales , Andrea Poli, Alex Teixeria, Benat, Alan Dzagoev, Mateo Kovacic, sigurdsson (i got him for 7m).

LAM: Natan Dyer, Pablo Hernandez, Taraabt, Erick Torres, Christian Eriksen, Isco, Will hughes

Thats the best i can think of off the top of my head, might update it later when i get home.

I hope that most of them will stay in budget, i have signed then all at one time or another within the budget you shown if i do remember corectly :)

Hope i helped in any way.
O'Neill Out :)
CM attacking look no further than Will Hughes, can be bought for as cheap as 5 million, he is top class and homegrown.
Or if you want to sign a slightly older (only 21) go for Wanyama from celtic, play him as an AP in my Midfield for Arsenal averaged 7.58. He will cost 9-11 million, but his value goes up greatly.

LAM, I've heard Nathan Dyer is immense because of his pace. So try him maybe. Also Andre Ayew for 15.5 million release clause, slightly more than you want to spend but SO worth it.
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