Nov 30, 2008
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Hi, I'm currently managing West Ham in pre-season, I have 6mill to spend and I need a right back, goalie and a right winger if possible. I've been looking at right back and it stands between Sam Byram (3,5mill) or Adam Matthews (25mill), who do you think turns out the best?

For goalie I really don't know, maybe John Ruddy if I get him cheap. Anyother I can try?

A right winger is only if I can get a cheap one who''s better and those I already have..

Current lineup is:
Jarvis/Hall----------Nolan/Morrison-----Hall/Vaz Te

Any ideas? Or other positions I should replace? Also thinking about selling McCartney to buy Juelsgaard!
adam matthews or danny simpson! mark obrien cb, thomas drage or b kadrii amrl
my first season at west ham i bought fraiser forster and victor wanyama from celtic.forster is amazing and so is wanyama.first season i finnished 1 point behind city and that was my only 2 signings.
Forster is a great keeper but I don't know how much celtic accept for him. danny simpson is going to a good cheap right-back until you have more money to spend.
West ham

I am currently managing west ham in 6th season on fm 13 and have won fa cup, cap 1cup and now Europa league (having previously been beaten finalists. Finished 12th, 9th, 5th, 5th and 3rd.

Danny Simpson is a good solid right back if u can get him. I would sell Demel and either use Reid at DR or jordan Spence. McCartney is poor so i would prioritise left back. U might be able to get kieron gibbs on loan from arsenal. Otherwise i would pick potts because he will improve.

My big advice would be to play tomkins and jack collison as often as u can. Tonks has won euros with england and collison is now club captain lifting euro cup last year and mom in final.

My other big advice would be (and i wish i had known this sooner) arrange as many pre season games as possible and focus your training and match prep on TACTICS.if they play every 3 days the fitness will come, but in my opinion players familiarity with tactics is crucial in this version of FM. i use a 433 similar to yours at home and then a slightly more defensive counter attack for version for away games. I am now also usibg a 442 diamond which works well.

My keeper is guillermo ochoa who won golden glove last season
Also recommend ciro immobile up top 70 goals in 3 seasons inc hat trick in europa cup final. He is at juve.

Good luck be interested to know how u get on.