Oct 14, 2012
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Westeros World

I have come across a very interesting challenge. The Game Of Thrones World Westeros On FM

The Database can be found here:
(just make sure you go for v2)

The database also has custom kits, logos, trophies, national flags found here:

Its also worth mentioning that the player names have been edited to include some of the surnames from the TV series such as Mormont, Lannister, Stark, Snow etc.

Iron Throne Premier League
View attachment 53057
Iron Throne 1st Division
View attachment 53056
North & Iron Islands Premier
View attachment 53055
Riverlands & Vale Premier
View attachment 53054
Westerlands & Reach Premier
View attachment 53053
Crown, Stormlands & Dorne Premier
View attachment 53052
Crown, Stormlands & Dorne 1st Division
View attachment 53051
North & Iron Islands 1st Division
View attachment 53050
Riverlands & Vale 1st Division
View attachment 53049
Westerlands & Reach 1st Division
View attachment 53048
Westerlands & Reach 2nd Division
View attachment 53047
Crown, Stormlands & Dorne 2nd Division
View attachment 53046
Riverlands & Vale 2nd Division

View attachment 53045
North & Iron Islands 2nd Division
View attachment 53044

There is also 9 cup competitions, 3 based on region (east, west & northern). I'm very intrigued with this database and will maybe give it a go this evening.

I would like to see your thoughts and Ideas about this?

Has anyone gave this database a go?

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