Westminster FC - From BSS to ECC.


Mar 11, 2013
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I created a team called Westminster FC. They play at Westminster Lawn and were entered into the BSS English League. I gave them 1800 reputation, £500K cash and £10K remaing budget. I added only an *** Man. Brendan O Connell. When i started the game i only received 50K cash and an 8K budget. I started to build my team...

In my first season i managed to go without a loss and only a handful of draws. Pleased. Promotion +100pts and an FA Trophy. Thanks Spilacek, B.Kerr, Bri Kilkenny to name a few.

Next season the team repeated its success in the FA Trophy and won the league again with 100+ points. Mark O'Brien on loan from Aston Villa what a find. Later in L2 i'd loan him again and again in L1 before finally buying him for 600K. Christmas present :D. Paul Kpaka gave me a lift with 20 odd goals in BSP with his running mate Pavol Suhaj chipping in 16odd goals.

L2 was when the game levelled out. I was starting to feel that the lossless seasons of previous were gone. Ten in the lose column aint that bad and ended up finishing 2nd behind Southend. Who are still giving me jib as they top the table in L1. Most of the lower league players are gone and the youths I have invested time in are starting to fruit. Julius Gombala is on 2.5 goals a game in the reserves and does a min 7 rating when in the 1st team. Dan Philiskirk is as regular as old Bri Kerr. I have fallen into the trap though. Too many players. Going to let about 10 of em go in the summer.

I wasnt expecting to get promoted or even touch the play offs but with less than 10 games to go in my first go at L1 in sitting 5th. On 64 pts, 4th 65, 3rd 68, 2nd 69 and old point stealers Southend on 83. Almost safe to say they're going up... My form at present is erratic 20W - 4D - 14L. Wait for the nugget. I have scored 88 goals, how can you only be fifth? HAHAHA. Ive conceded 66 goals... Oooops. Guess Arnold Otien Origi wasnt the best choice GK. He let in 40 of them. In 18 matches. Yep 2 per game.

It seems as if i can draw a game. Win or lose badly. I made a tactic refresh and won the first game 2-0 after the change. Seems to have fixed the goal leaks. Trying to do too much i suppose. Wish me luck on the last 9 games of the season. We can win this.

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