What are you getting/wanting for christmas?


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Oct 4, 2005
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I'm suprised this thread hasn't been started already. I expected nothing significant but it turns out I have an Xbox360 on the way with the 20GB HD, Headset, Tiger Woods 07 and Fifa 07. Fifa will obviously be a trading part for a new release after christmas. I also believe i'll be getting the usual Deodorant, Aftershave Whiskey and chocolates. what about you?
Getting a new tv for my room 20 inch flat panel no hd though..oh well and prob get the usual like Wes said :D
Dont have a clue what I want :(
Mighty Boosh DVD series 1 and 2.
Hot Club De Paris, Holloways and Young Knives albums
Splinter Cell Double Agent and Status Quo 40 regular edition (I already bought the Limited Edition for £110). Seeing as its my daughters first Christmas all the moneys going on her :D

What I would like for Christmas is The Kooks, Razorlight and The Feeling stood up a wall and shot.
Gears Of War, new hd tv, family guy season 1 to 5 :) , already got my clothes and il be getting the usual dedorant aftershave etc may even get some little xbox gadgets like new hard drive cases.:)
New FM, all the Rise Against albums, a few jumper, a new computer and a pair of jeans and some trainers, bearing in mind half of this will be paid for by my christmas money...
What I would like for Christmas is The Kooks, Razorlight and The Feeling stood up a wall and shot.

I know what I want know, to meet up with Boozad at said wall, and pop sum caps old sk00l styleeee
I agree with the Kooks and the feeling, but let Razorlight live!
A few dvd's are all i asked for, jeez some kids are spoiled nowadays :p
I managed to blag my Xbox 360 early, been on it all day :eek: Gears of War is the best FPS i've ever played! Oblivion is cool also. Won't have much to open on christmas day, but I wont be bored either way because my sister is buying me Splinter Cell DA.
played some xbox on a hdtv today it's the **** gears of war need for speed call of duty and pro ev canny beat it
Played gears of war yesterday online at my mates house against other mates and it was amazing even in low definition the gfx were good. Hate how you always cling to the wall when you run. *waits on n00b taunts*
Erm I've already gotten a few clothes and erm might get a little bit of cash in hand not too bothered.
i am getting some new golf clubs, some computer games and hpoefully an i-pod with the money i get