What did I get myself into?!? The Titani Challenge


Mar 22, 2013
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Long time lurker, First time poster. Getting bored with the save I had, I decided to try a challenge. I've done a couple in the past and have had fun with them but this time I really wanted a challenge; something that I would really struggle with. After talking to some friends who are really into challenges, I decided on attempting The Great San Marino Challenge!

More Info Here:

Basics of the Challenge:

Take control of the club San Marino in the Italian C1 and progress the club all the way to being Champions League Champions.

Become the National Team manager of San Marino(country) and win the world cup.

Obviously this is a long term challenge and I'd be shocked if its less than a 20 season save. Its a real challenge that will strain my tactical knowledge and patience as I struggle to get the clubs standard higher while also looking to grow football in the micro-state of San Marino.

I'll try to update at the beginning, middle and end of each season and keep a running tab here in the OP. Well, here goes nothing. Forza Titani!
Season 12-13
Club - San Marino
Division - Italian Serie C1/A
Media Prediction - 16th
Board Requirements - Avoid Relegation
Reputation - Local
Training Facilities -Average
Youth Facilities - Basic
Junior Coaching - Basic
Youth Recruitment - Fairly Basic
Club Value - $1.5M
Stadium - 5500 All Seater
Season Ticket Holders - 150

Squad has some decent players, but not much depth. Stefanelli interests me because he is Sammarinese which will be important for national development. Calvano on loan from Milan is a real solid player as is Lunardini who projects to be a solid CM for me.

National Team
Ranking - 207
Notes - Didnt decide to start as NT coach. Still looking at every report I can and making sure the youth teams players are on my squad so they can get proper training
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Pre-Season Transfers:

I decided to make this thread a bit late so I dont have the screens from when I bought them but they are actually from November. Brought in some youth on free transfer as well as added to the squad depth. The whole goal of these first couple seasons is try to move up while spending as little as possible so that money can go into the teams infrastructure.

Claudio Felicetti:

Young Italian Winger. Brought him into the youth set up to get some training. Only $210/week. Will probably send on loan to a Serie D side in the January window for some first team action.

Marco Peta:

Originally was going to stay at the club at the u20 level and be tutored by a first team member but some great play in the Italian C cup has seen him break into the first team already at 19. Has off games as you expect any young player to have, but is composed on the ball and is probably my most clinical player at this stage

Alessio Campoli:

Not much for ball skills but a rock in the back. Is rarely caught out and makes all the plays asked of him. One of the first names on the team sheet each week.

Francesco Amantini:

Basic Cover for the first team. Features mostly in the cup games but has seen substitute appearances in league. Comes in when the game is in hand and gets stuck in. Combative.


Marauding LB. Given free reign of the left side and has been an outstanding signing.

Eder Bau:

Signed for his technique and tutoring ability. Allowed me to cancel Doumbia's loan which ended up saving me close to 3k a week in wages.

Thimothee Rubin

Future squad player. When Mannini goes back to Siena he'll feature more.

Fabrizio Piazza

High Potential ST. Deep there at the moment with players loaned in so he is out on loan getting first team action.

Simone Tozzi

Brought him in to get reps at the lower level but in the pre-season won the number 1 shirt and hasnt looked back. Will probably feature for San Marino until Serie A

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End of 2012/13 Season

Just ended my first season in charge of San Marino. I was shocked about how my team performed. My best XI was about average for this level but injuries ravaged my team in January and February. Squad depth was a real issue and with no reserve league their match fitness was poor all season. But with no further ado, the end of season table:




Play-off Final:

Shocked. Honestly don't know how it happened. Kinda scared about this squad going up into Serie B, probably going to have to play some anti-football to just stay alive. Anyways. Onto the youth intake.

Youth Intake

Not great youth intake, but that was to be expected. Here are the guys I ended up keeping.




Bosman Signings

Signed Capellini on a Bosman so he will stay at San Marino instead of going back to Cessena. Also poached a French ST on a amateur contract who I am real excited about:


Also brought in these two players:



Thats the basics of what happened this season. I'll make a pre-season post at the end of friendlies next season.