Feb 9, 2011
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First thing is, many players from my team are being constantly bidded from other clubs. Many, maybe even all of my players are worth nothing, but when i get a bid through, i put 100,000 on the bid paid during 48 months. That seems to frighten the club away but then another club will come. Am i doing the right thing?

Second thing is, i give no player interaction. My players are happy so i feel that i dont want to upset them in the media or player interaction. In media i 9/10 say 'no comment'. This is working, but what do you do with player interaction? I give praise on team talks. Is that not enough?
Players - Take what you can get with the players that aren't needed, maybe try for a bit more than estimated value for the better players. Remember, clubs aren't always prepared to spend big, and that 100k extra is obviously more than they are willing to pay.

Player Interaction - Decide what style manager you want to buy. A hardass? It can work extremely well. A push-over? Can work for morale very well. Here's a couple you could try (once you go for one, swapping is possible but the players and the board may not like you doing it too often if it hurts morale or performances:

Hardass - Just expect a lot from your players, be disappointed in them if they don't live up to the expectations, and don't give in easily to any player.

Push-Over - Agree with anything the press asks, agree with anything the player asks, and give agents the exact contract they want for their player. This will make all your players happy often, but it's not exactly financially secure, and your board obviously gets angry if you spend too much.

Unsocial - Never call press conferences, always send your assistant, never talk to your players, and never comment on anyone or anything. Pretty much just seclude yourself from all media, and never interact with your players except for in the actual games.

Indecisive - Sort of what you're doing, no comment or the 'indecisive' (middle mostly) comment in press conferences. Never offends anyone, but never particularly makes anyone happy.

There's more, but you've just gotta decide how your managing style should be. I have yet to try the 'violent' manager method (encouraging hard tackles, attempts at injuries and just dirty play), it would be interesting but not practical.

Team Talks - should be taken with care, or ask the assistant for advice on each of them if your assistant is good. They can decide whether or not you win a game.
Thanks for the advice. Im not getting rid of any players even if their attributes are rubbish, not until i seen them play or when they want to leave. Always give everyone a chance to prove me right or wrong. Thats why i put big price tags on their heads. My assisstant/coach dont think some players are good enough. But i will be the judge lol.
Oh thanks. Well im doing well on morale, but i only interact with players with average/poor or very poor morale and i made them all happy so far :). So theres minimal interaction, but there are some.
Thanks for the advice.