What do you look for in a skin?


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Sep 15, 2005
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I'm currently working on a skin and was wondering what, in general people look for in a new skin...

Bright colours? modern look? lots of pictures? bland? sleek?

something thats easy to navigate, not neccessarily bright colours, just ones that go together well :D
i like mine with bright colours a modern look with lots of pictures thats bland and sleek
Definatly a modern look, not to bright though ;) Search bar on the Right hand side!!!! You should get Sean to put in a poll.

PS. How do you make new skins?!
He was just being a **** and using everthing i suggesteed.
I prefer straight edges rather than curves with slight rounded corners.

The colours have to work well together. A nice green is always nice or a light blue. Just stay away from Red as it sucks!
Yeah the red was removed a while back :p
i need some premierleague facepacks etc badly i was thinkin ov buyin somethin wiv everythin on off ebay 4 a fiver wot do u fink?
No point buying off eBay. All you're doing is giving some bloodclot money for other people's hard work.
cheers sean will have a look at wot dey got lol. I aint been on this forum 4 months! been busy at college but now new fm has come out i shud be on here more regulary
If you don't already know there isn't much point telling you how to :p
If you don't already know there isn't much point telling you how to :p


I looked in a few forums but couldn't find any tutorials, sorry. :( If I come across anything i'll let you know. Also to keep on topic, I like a minimalistic skin and I dislike like bright colours
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yeye that wud be the background if u had a wolves skin actually u wud av a picture ov that muppet mccarthy i swear he looks like a character ou ov seasame street