What do you think of today's match Reading V Bristol + opinion on David James

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Feb 26, 2010
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today i was at the reading match as a keen supporter watched David James melt down in front of me to be fair he had a good first half but because his defenders fell asleeep after bristol went 1-0 up they fell asleep and conceded 2 goals within about 20 minutes to be fair if they didnt fall asleep they would have won by a mile, so what do you think about today's match if you saw it and bristol city's chance of staying up + your general opinion on David James
Bit of a pointless thread considering theres about 7 Bristol & Reading fans on the site but...

Feel sorry for James as his Defence were just **** day.
We bossed the game for 70 minutes so deserved to win.
Shane Long was faultless today, excellent finish for the 4th goal.
First 20 minutes i was not a happy bunny, Federici didn't have a clue what he was doing.
Pearce's was fantastic.

Overall a good result which puts us nicely 1 point from play offs with game in hand. I think we can take 6 points from our next game and it'll put us in a nice position but if i'm honest, i'd be happy with 3.
Confused much? Is this just a general match thread or did something happen in this match to David James?
well David James Got all stressy + its about both i just think i didnt make it clear :/
Oh right, well I haven't watched it but it sounds like it was a good comfortable win for Reading.
pittman who's that? saw him touch the ball twice and fluff his touches, awful and to be fair long has hit form adn was amazing